Toddler Medical Emergencies Every Parent Should Watch Out

When a child gets sick, the first thought of a parent is to bring him/her to the emergency room. But there are medical conditions and situations where you can tough it out at home. Parents can do their magic to take good care of their kids without bringing them to the hospital.

The question is, when it the time to treat a medical emergency at home and when it the time to rush them to the best private hospitals in Dubai

  1. Fever


Fever is a sign that the body is battling an infection inside. The infection can be viral or bacterial. If your kid has a low-grade fever (below 102 F), you can just relax and take good care of your kid at home.


However, fever can be alarming when it reaches up to 103 or 104 F and has been going on for days. This would mean that the body is too weak to fight the infection. Parents should also watch out pain accompanying the fever. For newborn babies and infant under three months, fever of 100.4 F should be a cause of alarm.


  1. Rashes


Rashes are often considered harmless and can be treated at home. This might be cause by a number of things – from an allergic reaction to environmental stimulant (sunlight, sweat, etc.). Parents can treat this at home if they have the prescribed medicine on their medicine cabinet. However, if the rashes is accompanied by other symptoms or if the rashes has been ongoing for days, it would be best to bring your kid to a hospital for thorough checking.


  1. Difficulty in breathing


Kids who have breathing issues are often caused by colds and allergic reaction. Moderate breathing difficulty can be treated, given that the parents have the prescribed medicine at hand. But if your kid is having severe breathing difficulty that is affecting their body functions, this warrants a doctor visit or a visit to the emergency room.


  1. Cuts and wounds


The severity of the cut and wound would determine whether you need to bring your kid to the emergency room. If the cuts is not that severe, try to clean up the wound at home. Be sure to clean it thoroughly with soap and water and dress the wound accordingly. But if the blood is not clotting, it would be best to bring your kid to a doctor. The cut maybe severe and would need to be operated.

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