The basic causes of male infertility

Male infertility can make it impossible for the man to get a woman pregnant. Some of the most common reasons  behind the onset of male infertility are inclusive of lack of sperm in the semen, lack of sperm count, thick sperm that does not let the sperm each the egg, erectile dysfunction and ejaculation issues etc.  Given below is a bit of information about the multiple causes of male infertility:

Cause #1: Varicocele
Thisis basically a disease in which the veins that drain out the testicles get severely swollen. Considering the fact that it is the testicles in which sperm is created, this can lead to significant issues in terms of reproduction. Although it has not been medically proven, there is a general consent in the medical world that the disease and the swelling it triggers can impact a man’s;s normal sperm count. Getting the problem immediately treated can cure the disease and will increase the sperm count as well. If need be, assisted reproductive techniques like IVF can be used as well.

Cause #2: Ejaculation issues
There is a condition in which semen flows into the bladder instead of flowing outside the penis during an orgasm. In such a case, the condition is diagnosed as retrograde ejaculation. A number of elements like diabetes, spinal injuries and surgeries of the urethra and bladder etc. There are many different means of treating the condition and treatment is extremely important for this condition.

Cause #3: Certain medicines
Treatment for a number of chronic diseases like cancer, ulcer and diabetes can also trigger male infertility.  The utilization of anabolic steroids and medication for the treatment of fungal infections can also lead to this condition. Treatment drugs used for ulcers and testosterone replacement therapy can also reduce sperm count.

Cause #4: Stress

Another factor that us sure to lead to the onset of male infertility is that of stress. The fact of the matter is that stress can have a negative impact on just about everything single aspect of our lives. The same holds true for male sexual health as it has the potential to cause male infertility too. Severe stress can make it impossible for men to achieve an erecting and erectile dysfunction is in itself one of the most major causes of male infertility. In such a case,  treating stress and getting rid of the elements triggering it is extremely important.


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