5 Ways To Make The Most Out Of Your Tea

Drinking tea is more than just a past time. It can bring forth a number of health benefits to the person drinking it. But to ensure that you are maximizing its benefits with every cup of matcha tea you drink, you need to ensure that you are doing it right.

Tea enthusiasts provided a list of pointers to help you on brewing your tea the right way. Read on this list of tips:

  1. Choose the right herb


The first thing that you need to do when you are trying to create the perfect brew is to choose the right herb or tea. This would depend on your current health situation or something that you want to drink at the moment. Don’t just pick a tea bag on your tea set. Be sure to pick something that would make you feel better when you are sick or something that would lighten your mood when you are stressed. Try to educate yourself about the different kinds of tea and the benefits they provide.


  1. Be cautious with the water you use


Some people do not pay much attention on the water they are using when brewing tea. But this is essential so you can create the perfect brew. Keep in mind that the taste of your tea will be greatly affected by the quality of water that you will use. It would be best to use filtered water since it is free from additives and chemicals that might make your tea tastes odd.


  1. Create your own brew


Each people has their own kind of brew in mind when it comes to coffee and tea. If you want to create the perfect tea brew, it would be best to do it yourself. You will be able to discern the level of sweetness that would satisfy your cravings. Some tea shops might be able to get the level of sweetness you want, but it might be full of preservatives. Home-brew can be all-natural.


  1. Say No to milk


Some tea enthusiasts like to add milk to their teas. But adding dairy products might negate the effects of tea. For once, try to pass on the milk and enjoy the full benefits of your tea.


  1. Look for a sugar alternative


Another common thing that people add to their tea is sugar to make it sweeter. But it can increase your blood sugar. It would be best to go for alternatives like cinnamon sticks.